The rules of VinduesIndustrien:

Association of Danish Window Manufacturers.
With the changes adopted at the General Assembly April 11th, 2024.

The Rules of VinduesIndustrien (pdf)

Ordinary members:

Manufacturers of windows, window units and external doors may apply for a membership.

At the time of applying for membership the company must have existed for at least 1 year in its present form. The applicant must present the latest annual accounts in order to document that they possess a reasonable own capital in relation to the turnover of the company.

The Board of Directors make the final decision concerning the application.

Associated members:

Danish and foreign companies, organizations and institutions associated with or with interest in the window business, may become an associated member.

The decision concerning applications for membership is made solely by the Board of Directors.

Ordinary members:

The membership fee for ordinary members of The Association of Danish Window manufacturers depend on the turnover of the particular company.

Company turnover:

> DKK 200 million                                DKK 25.000,-

> DKK 100 million < DKK 200 million     DKK 22.000,-

> DKK 50 million < DKK 100 million       DKK 19.000,-

> DKK 25 million < DKK 50 million         DKK 15.000,-

> DKK 10 million < DKK 25 million         DKK 12.500,-

< DKK 10 million                                  DKK 10.000,-

Application fee:                                 DKK 6.000,- 


Associated membership:                  DKK 8.500,- 


The board of directors of the Association of Danish Window Manufacturers consists of five members who are elected at the annual general assembly.

The Board of Directors consist of representatives/owners of companies from the four material groups of windows and external doors: wood, wood/aluminium, uPVC and metal.

Elected at the general assembly on April 7th 2022:

Chairman: Claus Arberg, Hvidbjerg Vinduet A/S (uPVC) 

Vice chairman: Henrik Eriksen, STM Vinduer og Døre A/S (Wood)

Member of Board of Directors: Kaj Bundgaard, Krone Vinduer A/S (Wood)

Member of Board of Directors: Frank Petersen, ap facader A/S (Alu)

Member of Board of Directors: Mikael Søgaard, Idealcombi A/S (Wood/Alu)

Member of Board of Directors: Jens Sørensen, Outline A/S  (Wood)

Member of Board of Directors: Henrik Kjeldsen, Dovista A/S  (Wood/Alu)

Sekretær: Johny H. Jensen, Director, VinduesIndustrien

Chairman: Mogens Ringgaard, Seniorkonsulent

Member for wood/aluminium: Per Møller Nielsen, Idealcombi A/S 

Member for wood:  Henrik Søgaard Pedersen, KPK Døre og Vinduer A/S 

Member for metal: Preben Knutsson, HS Hansen A/S 

Member for plastic: Leo Brander, Ventisol A/S

Member for FRP compositmaterialKristian Sønnichsen, Velfac A/S 

Member for panes and glass: Miłosz Majewski, Press Glass SA


Secretary: Director  Johny H. Jensen, Association of Danish Window Manufacturers